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TJ Publications have a wealth of experience in copywriting, producing interesting, concise, readable text, for brochures, leaflets, sales aids... in fact, anything which needs to get the message across cleanly, concisely and effectively. What’s more, it’s grammatically correct without spelling blunders or malapropisms, which is more than can be said for an awful lot of the copy which affronts our intelligence these days!

Generally, the client would provide salient points in rough note form, or sometimes merely a discussion to the get the feel of what’s wanted will suffice. But even if the customer chooses to provide fully written up copy (and it’s surprising how many still do) TJP can tidy and ‘slick’ it up, eliminate errors, both grammatical and literal, and turn it into crisp straight-to-the-point prose, punchy and dynamic, yet smooth and flowing.

There’s probably nothing more offputting than being faced with acres of text bearing all the hallmarks of some semi-illiterate lager-lout.

we’re all you need