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TJ Publications through their sister operation, TJ Interactive, provide straightforward, no-nonsense websites that pack a visual punch combined with a hard-hitting message that’s unlikely to be ignored.

Of course, it’s tempting to go in for all the bells and whistles, clever animation and ‘nodding-donkeys’—bits of moving wot-not that add little to the impact and usability of a website but swallow up valuable ‘bandwidth’and slow down the process of getting to the stuff that really matters. This is not the TJP way... uncluttered but interesting, direct but economical and ‘lean’ of code (making for a speedy, responsive browsing experience) are the order of the day.

TJ Publications offer a web-hosting service; acting, if required, as webmaster, and performing regular, ongoing website maintenance, development and upgrades... essential to maintain user interest and encourage return visits. Domain procurement and administration, together with Search Engine registration services are also offered.

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